2018: My Year of Impact

2017 was a transition period for me: a time of reflection, a year of self discovery, and most importantly, a change of mindset. When we look back at 2017 as a whole, we can make admittedly agree that our society was shaken to its core on a number of issues including politics, discrimination, and weather disasters. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, each week was filled with news stories of shootings, floodings, and and tit-for-tat posts on Twitter.

Source: Twitter via @common

As I reflect on the past year, I’ve come to understand the importance in taking a positive mindset to negate the world’s antagonism. Whether it’s taking a few minutes each day to myself or developing rituals to organize, new year’s resolutions have taken on a new meaning. For the millennial generation, fighting for justice, voicing concerns for equal rights, and raising awareness for mental health have brought greater meaning in light of the new year. 2018 resolutions are now being sparked by positivity, innovation and growth.

Over 1,500 millennial women were surveyed by Shape, asking how they felt about 2017. Many responded with “tired” and “sad,” but many agreed that this would be used as motivation to start the new year with optimism. From those surveyed, an overwhelming 65% said that they would focus on emotional well-being through mental health and self-care in 2018.

For me, 2017 was a time for self-realization. As I transitioned careers, I moved from corporate to startup, working with founders on a one-to-one level. My perspective towards working with others took a full circle approach. I’ve taken on a leadership role where my honest but empathetic approach became a contributing factor in both my career and personal life.

Recent travels brought me to the West Coast in lieu of my expected travels to Southeast Asia. West Coast life brought a fresh perspective in seeing how others work in their local communities. Through interactions with others, I was able to see how some value living in secluded areas whereas others thrive through the urban pulse of a city’s heartbeat. Sunshine and warmer weather made the world of a difference, bringing fresh breath to reinvigorate a cluttered (and perhaps) frozen mentality from the East Coast.

2017 was the year of new skills and growth. I became a contributing writer on Prototyper’s blog and posted on Facebook’s Acquisition of TBH and Great Design Going Beyond Pen to Paper. I also completed IDEO’s Leading in Creativity Course where I was able to take a step back and absorb new techniques to lead a creative teams. With newly trained eyes, I looked at colors and typefaces in a whole new light.

2018 — I’m welcoming you with open arms. I’m turning 30 this month and feel empowered to take on the new year.

In everything that I do, I have one main goal: to make an impact. Whether it’s motivating a coworker to think outside of the box, voicing my opinion, or contributing to a social movement, I’m here to make an impact. I’ve come to value the difference we can make another person’s life, no matter whether it’s a C-level executive or entry-level intern. At the end of the day, we have all felt “tired” and “sad.” Take this opportunity to start on a clean slate. Don’t just live a monotonous day to day—make that impact.